Database Selection & Design (Part VIII)

— Indexing —

  • Every node has at most m children
  • Every non-leaf node (except root) has at least ⌈m/2⌉ child nodes
  • The root has at least two children if it is not a leaf node
  • A non-leaf node with k children contains k − 1 keys
  • All leaves appear in the same level and carry no information
  • The creation process starts from bottom and goes up
  • Eg: Take a simple function to covert string to numeric using straight number mapping. a maps to 1, b maps to 2 and so on… Inventory item “abc” translates to 123
  • Apply two hash functions on this numeric value. Hash # 1(123) = 7 & Hash # 2(123) = 9 in a hash table size of 10



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