— 5 V Properties of Big Data —


— Partition / Sharding —

Proficiency Level: Intermediate to Expert

In the previous part, we saw how distributed database…

— Non-Relational Properties —

Proficiency Level: Intermediate to Expert

In the previous parts, we reviewed the relational properties…

— Internals of ACID implementation —

In the previous part, we saw about different types of databases and their properties. In this section, let us look at what a transaction is, how it is written to the memory, logged, and stored in disk.

What is a Transaction? People often confuse individual database statements to transactions. A…

— Relational Properties (ACID) —

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In the last part in this series, we reviewed the different key databases based on their structural categorization, properties and types. Let us closely look at the relational properties. We will review the ACID properties in this section and will review other properties in the upcoming sections.

Transactional Management (ACID) Requirements

— Introduction to Database Technologies —

Database is the backbone of any technology enterprise, to store information in a structured set, and for efficient management of information. Database has evolved to a greater extend in the last 50+ years from Hierarchical, Network, Relational, Object Oriented, No-SQL, New-SQL to HTAP (Hybrid transaction/analytical processing).

Before Database’s era, things…

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